A book cover with a tornado in the background.

To Equip the Saints

Learn how to unlock life's mysteries as you walk through life with God leading the way. It's a worthy walk full of wonder, surprise, and amazement.

To Equip the Saints provides ammunition to help you stand firm in your faith!

This book is for you if:

  • You need help teaching your children to face the raging spiritual war enveloping them
  • You want to walk close to God
  • You hope you're going to heaven
  • It seems possible that humans will destroy the earth
  • You search for happiness, but it's elusive
  • Your feelings rule your decision-making
  • Every truth you know is being rejected everywhere
  • You're told the Bible is obsolete confusing, full of contradictions, and unreliable, and you can't counter those statements
  • Your prayers appear to be ineffective

To Equip the Saints To Defend the Faith is available in soft cover, and E-book anywhere fine books are sold. 

The audible book is available at Amazon. 


Thank you for writing this book! This book has some golden nuggets of advice for getting anyone through the long day!" - Emily

This book is amazing! - Francis